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The pricing for a Cedar Rapids limousine changes on a season to season basis. Generally the most busy time of year is from the beginning of May until the end of September. If possible, we suggest scheduling your function during a time frame that does not fall into this time period in order to save money. Of course, there are other ways of not spending as much money when it comes to using a limo bus. We will use this page to tell you how you can get the most bang for your buck! So sit back, read further, and learn how to save money!

When calling for a quote the information we need is the following:

  • The date of service
  • The pick up time
  • The drop off time
  • The amount of people on board
  • The type of event you're taking part in
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As said before, a great way of spending less is to schedule in our off season. This makes so that you get your limo bus at a much more affordable rate and still lets you to have a terrific event with all of your loved ones. Call us at 1-319-214-0640 in order to find out if the vehicle that you want is free on the day of your choosing. The customer service representatives at Cedar Rapids Limo Bus are sitting by the telephone waiting for your call so pick up the phone and call today!

That said, we should probably tell you that if you simply cannot book during a time that falls within our slower season that's okay—there is no need for stress! The most affordable time to book a limo bus provided by Cedar Rapids Limo Bus is any day between a Monday and Thursday. These are known as mid-week rentals. Sunday is the next most affordable day, followed closely by Friday. Obviously that leaves us with Saturday which is quote obviously our least affordable time. Keep in mind that even if your rental falls during a busy day, it is possible to rent while avoiding evening hours in order to save money.





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