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Alright, it is time to get all gussied up. Everyone should look their absolute best on their wedding day. And that means everything from making sure that your hair looks great, your skin, and of course, the formalwear that you and your groomsmen sport on the big day. Anyway, we don't think that your bride would appreciate it very much if you show you in jeans and a t-shirt to say your vows. Now, we realize that the guys don't usually get into the fashion side of things. But for the biggest day of your life, you really want to make sure that you make an effort in this arena so you can look great standing next to the person you are going to marry. We realize your knowledge of the fashion world may be minimal and that is why you need to seek out a local tailor or formalwear shop in the Cedar Rapids area to find a tuxedo that will be the perfect fit for you in every way.

The first thing that we would like to impress on you is how important this search and decision is

Do not and we repeat do not wait until the last minute to start looking for your tuxedo. There are variables involved and you never know what may get in your way throughout the process. So, the earlier you can get this detail out of the way, the better. It will be one more thing that you can just check off of your list and you will be able to move onto other things. Start your search by asking people you know if they have ever had to rent a tuxedo or not. If they have, find out if their experience was a positive one and whether they would recommend the shop. You can also look online for formalwear shops near where you live. However you find them, make a list of potential candidates that you would like to check out further. Your next step is to make appointments with the shops on your list in order to check each one out in detail.

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She should be part of the decision making process. It goes along with the old saying that if the bride isn't happy, ain't nobody happy. You need to coordinate with her bridal gown. Start looking through magazines or online .Notice styles that you really like and cut them out or print them off. Show the consultant so they can get a sense of your likes and dislikes. The last thing you want to do is waste your time looking at a lot of styles that you hate. Talk with each consultant about your budget from the moment you walk you. This is important because they will only suggest tuxedos that fit within your budget range. Make sure each formalwear shop you check out has a great inventory that they update on a regular basis. You also want to make sure that they have a very knowledgeable staff.

Remember, you want to look your absolute best so you need a shop and a consultant that understands the various tuxedo cuts that are available so that they can suggest something that will have a slimming effect and you will look amazing standing next to your bride. The shop also needs to employ talented and experienced tailors so make sure that you ask about that.

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Obviously cost is a factor for most people. As long as the rental price that they give you is within your budget and you have a real comfort level with one of the shops that you check out, it sounds like you have found the right place for you. Make sure they provide a contract and that you read it over well. When you are satisfied, sign it and get ready to up your fashion game.

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