Cedar Rapids Wedding Calligraphy

Cedar Rapids Wedding Calligraphy

If you really want to take your wedding plans and product to the nest level, then consider hiring a professional wedding calligrapher to address and spruce up your invitations and other printed wedding material. We realize that some people consider calligraphy to be a luxury, not a necessity. And yes, it is going to cost more than if you were to have the information printed with something computer generated. But this is your special day and probably the most important day that you will ever experience in your life. And think of what a tone something special like this will set when all of your guests receive some very unique artistry in the mail. What a great first impression. Calligraphy will not only add elegance and sophistication, but will add an element of anticipation. It shows an attention to detail and is a reflection on who you both are individually and as a couple. So, we suggest that you at least check into this option. There are quality calligraphers all across the country and the Cedar Rapids are is no different. You will need to start shopping for local calligraphers and then make sure you hire the one that matches your style and needs perfectly. Here is a brief guide to help you do just that.

One of the first things that you want to beware of is the family member or friend who tells you that they can help you out by being your calligrapher

Just because someone took one class that has the word calligraphy in the title or who has great handwriting, does not mean that they can provide you with what you really want. Calligraphy is a true art form and it takes years of practice to get really good at it. So, we highly recommend that if someone you know tells you they can do it, have them show you samples of their work or you could end up highly disappointed. Also, why place that relationship that you have with that person in jeopardy. Some couples are opting for printing their information on their home computers. Keep in mind that most wedding envelopes have a lining or can be very thick. As a result, they get jammed and crumpled in a printer very easily. And let's face it, hand written envelopes have much more of a personal feel.

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Your invitations need to be mailed eight weeks prior to the wedding. This means that your calligraphers will need to be working on your envelopes at least 10 weeks before your date. This will ensure that you have plenty of time to have any errors corrected or information added before your mailing deadline. We highly recommend that you start looking for your calligrapher at least five to six months before your wedding. Don't put yourself in a stressful situation. Make sure that you have a discussion about when you can expect to get your addressed invitations and envelopes back. It could be at least two weeks or more to have your project completed. So again, the earlier you book the better. You will want to have a discussion about what type of envelopes you have. This will include how many, color, size, and more.

And don't expect perfection. There will be some mistakes, count on it. But if you hire a true professional, they will want to give you as near perfect work as possible. So, with this in mind, you will want to provide at least 10 to 15 percent extra in the way of envelopes just in case your calligrapher might need them.

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Throughout your search you want to always remember that you are seeking a skilled artisan and there will be a bit more of a cost for something special like this. But if the professional that you really like does not charge you anything that you absolutely can't live with, then it is time to ask for a contract.

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